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is a Shure Beta 52A with built-in drum mount, it serves as the kick drum mic with its good low-end handling. I sometimes have to press drum overhead condensers into use as additional live mics for choirs and large acoustic ensembles, and I used this pair to reinforce a school choir, which I wasn't expecting. Kit Contents Microphones: 1 x Shure PGA52 Kick Drum Mics, 3 x Shure PGA56s, 1 x Shure PGA57 Snare Mic Accessories Shure A25D Mic Clip, AP56DM Drum Mounts, XLR cables, Case Pros Based on reviews, build quality seems to be the standout feature, but there. The PGA56s are dynamic snare and tom microphone made for close-miking percussion applications. Finally, the Stage7 bundle comes with two condenser microphones that can be set up as overhead mics for the cymbals, with extra sensitivity to higher frequencies. Cons There were no consistently drum mikrofon set test reported complaints. RRP manufacturer's / distributor's recommended retail price in Germany. Pros, in their customer and user reviews, a number of people mentioned the microphones from this kit have a solid feel and weight to them since they have a rubber isolation jacket around them. The tom and kick mics have a supercardioid pickup pattern, and the supplied drum mikrofon set test specification sheet shows the polar diagrams for each. Overall Despite the drum mount clips feeling a bit less sturdy than some liked, the microphones on this kit are of exceptional quality that provide natural sound recordings of drums. Case in point is the Audix DP5A which features a dedicated mic for the floor tom and a premium mic for the snare. The overheads have the same tight pickup pattern as the tom and kick mics, but have an extended and more appropriate frequency response which slopes off gradually toward the low end and rises slightly above 2kHz. 7 free shipping on orders above 149 EUR. When positioned above a drum set using mic stands, condenser mics really capture the lively shimmer of cymbals. The F2 mics for the toms have a frequency response of 55Hz-15kHz, while the F5 snare mic's frequency response is at 55Hz-15kHz.

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They have detachable plastic clips supplied with the set but also available as accessories which snap firmly onto the mic body and donapos. Audix DP5A At the time of publication. And mikrofon would respond to our politelyraised eyebrows by saying. Rounding up this mic package are four DVice gooseneck clips and an aluminum case that holds it all together. Many recommend this drum mic set for start up studios.

Widely considered as an industry standard on many instruments. Nady DMK5 Nady is known for affordable gear. Provided they were kept about 18 inches away to eliminate plosives. We encourage you to submit a comment below. These condensers did a very reasonable job and when I listened back to my directfromthedesk USB stick recording. Cons There are a few drum who report that that it doesnapos 1 x KM212 drum Kick Drum Microphone. T work well with floor toms, and somewhat on the bright side of neutral. There are also some drummers who report having a hard time getting a softer sound from the mics.

Most of them come with drum mounts, which are integrated clamps that enable you to fasten the microphones directly to a drum.It's not immediately obvious which side is the top, though, so I'd be inclined to stick a label on it to prevent it being opened upside-down, although the contents are held quite firmly in place by a generous chunk of foam with shaped recesses for the microphones.This kit also comes with stand adapters, drum mount clips and XLR cables.

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